chinese withdrawals

wow! was it really in may that i last updated this thing. i guess as time drew to a close in my little town of inner mongolia, my schedule filled up.

well, i am back from china now and there is so much to tell about my last few weeks. there was an incredible trip to xi'an, climbing the sacred mountain huashan, getting food poisoning, parties to say goodbye to my beloved chinese friends, as well as many a teary class with my students after they learned i was leaving and not coming back. there is so much to fit into this entry, and yet i am at a loss. i am struggling to gain some perspective on this whole experience - to process it in its entirety. i have the pictures and the words that i have written both on this blog and in my personal ramblings amidst e-mails and the like . . . but what did this really mean to me? i will have to get back to you on that.

a more reflective entry is bubbling. i will return. i promise. i just need more time . . .